Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Due to some unpleasantness with our own modern-day equivalent of the Greek gods -- i.e., city bureaucracy -- the Monkey Wrench Collective's official opening has been delayed by at least a week as we scramble to find a new performance space for "pool (no water)" and "The Revenger's Tragedy". Thanks to a series of permit issues that we had not been previously aware of, our brand new, never-even-opened-its-doors space in lovely downtown Fullerton is now quite probably to never see its day in the limelight. We'll have details on an alternative performance venue for "pool" and "Revenger's" presently, and hopefully further details on the permanent space in the weeks to come.

In the meantime, you can indulge your schadenfreude by reading the O.C. Register's Arts Blog piece on the closure -- charmingly devoid of, or at the very least roundly mistaken about, many of the facts of the matter -- and then feel guilty for gloating after you scroll on down the comments section and read Monkey Wrench Collective Artistic Director Dave Barton's corrections to the story. The joys of public relations in the modern world are, manifestly, both numerous and fulfilling.

Anyone possessing a surprisingly affordable and yet entirely up-to-code theatrical performance space suitable for the immediate performance of a pair of plays dealing with subjects including, but not limited to: modern dance; familial bloodletting; resentful friendships; plotting royalty; artists both pretentious and profound; sexual acts both consensual and otherwise; joyfully nude nightswimming gone wrong; murders most foul; and many other such morally inconvenient depictions of human nature at its most human, is invited to contact us at their earliest convenience.

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