Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cristofer Gross of the Orange County Local News Network -- a website whose existence, I have to confess, I was not previously aware of -- nevertheless has done a very nice write-up on the troubled Monkey Wrench space and the (finally! tonight!) opening of "The Revenger's Tragedy" at the Crystal Ice House in Fullerton.
Barton, who was also Rude Guerrilla’s founding artistic director, remains convinced of the rightness of an aesthetic the company website defines as “devoted to U.S. premieres of European work, West Coast premieres of socially provocative new work, and vibrant productions of rarely performed classics.”

It was back in the fall of 2008 that Barton and Jennings began imagining life after Guerrilla. They were in Malta to remount their 2004 production of Kane’s “Blasted,” and getting inspired by the politically charged Maltese audiences and administrators. Video from home suggested a political sea-change may be represented by Obama’s victory.

“We were talking about how enjoyable it was working with people we really liked and doing work that we really wanted to do,” Jennings said. “And at the time, Rude Guerrilla had gotten a little big for itself and there was infighting and decisions we weren’t happy with.”

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