Monday, April 5, 2010

Never ones to pass up an opportunity to see our names in print, we present here for your perusal the latest review of "The Revenger's Tragedy", courtesy Joyce Rosenthal at the Fullerton Observer. (But unsuspecting reader, beware! The full review features a largish spoiler about the fate of our characters.)
[Monkey Wrench's] first production is a rousing rendition of Thomas Middleton's 1608 play, The Revenger's Tragedy. It is a typical play of the era (think Shakespeare) with a large cast of characters and a convoluted plot. The language is of the era but the costumes and makeup are current and trend towards the flamboyant. Director Dave Barton does a great job keeping his cast moving at a rapid pace...

Costumes by Amanda Jimenez and makeup by Melita Ann Sagar add immeasurably to the play. Mark Coyan (Vindici), Brenda Kenworthy (Duke's eldest son) and Susan E. Taylor (Duchess) are outstanding performers.
(PDF download)

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