Saturday, May 15, 2010

Courtesy Eric Marchese of the O.C. Register comes the first review of our first official show in the new space, the U.S. Premiere of Mark Ravenhill's "pool (no water)":

In some spots, "pool" has a tone that's lightly ironic, reflecting a puckish sensibility; in others, its mixture of colored lights, amped sound and vicious action yield a feeling of psychedelia.

A scene about halfway through the play, set to a pulsating electronic rock score, is highly stylized. In fact, much of "pool" has the look and feel of the best small indie filmmakers – a fact as much attributable to [co-director Dave] Barton as to Ravenhill.

It doesn't take us long to adjust to the vicious nature of those depicted in "pool," and Barton does all he can to augment that sense. Filled with colorful lighting, dozens of photographs, a rock music underscore and plenty of well-choreographed speech and movement, his staging is graphic and vivid.

Like earlier Barton-directed plays, "pool (no water)" has elements of strong language, nudity and violence. While some may see these as gratuitous, they're anything but, always employed within the service of Ravenhill's concepts.
We would, of course, be utterly remiss if we did not mention that "Pool" is opening tonight at 6pm. Tickets only $15. Reservations 714.525.1400.

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