Thursday, May 27, 2010

O.C. Theater Reviews is a new, potentially exciting addition to the Orange County theater scene: it's a (weekly?) podcast intent on giving honest reviews of local productions. Their very first episode has just gone up, and we're quite honored that it's focused on Monkey Wrench Collective's U.S. premiere of pool (no water). Reviewers Stephen John, Mike Martin and Billy Jones have a lot of interesting observations to make about the production and the theater, but because our egomania knows no bounds, we'll just give you a little taste here that happens to double suspiciously well as a pull-quote: "Was it worth $15? Absolutely. Absolutely... The new Monkey Wrench Collective are bringing their A-game... I really think Monkey Wrench has far surpassed its Rude Guerrilla [roots]."

You can listen to the podcast here, and, as always, secure your reservations for the show by calling 714.525.1400. Only six performances left.

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