Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Over at the Spark O.C. blog, Rick Stein has a thoughtful, anti-structuralist weigh-in on pool (no water). We had considered offering our own deconstructionalist rebuttal to the Waynes Booth school of thought here, but alas, became irrevocably distracted by the sight of our own names once again rendered in print, and have thus chosen to focus our full attention on the blog's final paragraph:
As for Monkey Wrench's production... their tiny, brick-walled storefront on the main street is a lovely space for this kind of work. Dave Barton and two other credited directors Melita Ann Sagar and Lee Samuel Tanng have taken Ravenhill's 70-minute musings and woven into them a kinetic, lively and engaging production, carefully choreographed and infused with music. The cast is a well-oiled ensemble that never misses a beat. It's playing to full houses on the weekends through June 6, and is a welcome addition to Fullerton's bustling scene of small, hip theatre companies.
A few reservations remain for this weekend's performance. 714.525.1400. Thoughts on authorial intent welcome.

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