Friday, July 16, 2010

Jordan Young of the LA/OC Arts Examiner has once more done us a mitzvah by reviewing True Love Lies, which we are (SPOILER ALERT) quite likely to shill for again at the conclusion of this post:
Brad Fraser’s witty and provocative new play... sparkles in its West Coast premiere at the Monkey Wrench Collective in Fullerton. ... It ponders the essence of love itself, both gay and straight, and the cost of telling the whole unvarnished truth to those we love most.

Anthony B. Cohen gives a thoughtful performance as Kane, a family man who watches his life unravel bit by bit after revealing a long-held secret. Jill Cary Martin is superb as his understanding wife, Caroline; Sabrina Zellars adds spice and zest as their oversexed daughter, Madison. Rick Kopps excels as David, a face from Kane’s past. But it’s Christopher Basile who impresses most, with his portrayal of the angst-ridden teenaged son, Royce, whose acerbic humor masks the turmoil under the surface -- much like the play itself.
As promised, the shill commences: you can buy your tickets for True Love Lies right here. $20 General / $10 Students.

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