Thursday, October 21, 2010

SHOPPING AND FUCKING's second review comes courtesy the Fullertonian and Mark Stouffer, who kindly stayed for the entire production before rendering his judgment. We particularly enjoyed his disclaimer at review's end:
This is the dark dead-end in the blind alley where we find the characters, discovering their own morality by something slightly better than trial-and-error. Mark (Keith Bennett) has discovered "transactions," mutually beneficial reciprocal actions. This is near the beginning of the play and I think I have avoided spoilers so I will let you discover where he takes transactions. I can say that it is like a blind groping for the new morality in capitalism.... 
WARNING: While this is an adventurous tail [sic] some people might be offended, or even disgusted by some of the content. Don’t bring people with delicate minds. 
As always, our contractual duties oblige us to mention that tickets for this show are on sale this very moment, and can be purchased for a mere $20 General / $10 Students.

Reviewed by Mark Stouffer

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