Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The good people at the Bosco Fullerton blog have weighed in on Monkey Wrench's production of DISAPPEARED, and we're delighted to hear they found it satisfying:
There is a running theme in many of Los Angeles-based playwright Phyllis Nagy's plays of people losing their identities, feeling unfulfilled and wanting to just vanish. Her characters are frequently complicated souls. But mostly highly identifiable. We know these people. We may even be one of these people. The challenge when a company performs her work is bringing these complexities and nuances of the characters to light in a palatable way. 
The Monkey Wrench Collective's latest, Nagy's 1995 play Disappeared, meets and exceeds all expectations.
As always, duty and Objectivist-style rational self-interest requires us to note that tickets for the production are on sale now. $21 General Admission / $11 Students. Through May 22.

PLEASE NOTE: post-performance discussions with playwright Phyllis Nagy will follow our matinĂ©e showings on May 1 and May 8 at 2pm. These dates are expected to sell out quickly, so buy your tickets now!

--Bosco Fullerton,
Allen Bacon

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