Friday, April 1, 2011

The official start of our season begins in April 15: DISAPPEARED by Phyllis Nagy. Sarah Casey is a 25-year old travel agent who's never been outside of New York. When she goes missing after leaving a seedy bar in Hell's Kitchen, the last person to see her was a man who works in a thrift store and dresses in his client's clothes, assuming different identities. Was Sarah killed or did she merely 'disappear' to escape her anonymous existence? Directed by Dave Barton. 
Jun/July: DAMNEE MANON, SACREE SANDRA by Michael Tremblay. Two interweaving monologues on religion and sex, delivered by a drag queen and a religious zealot, that examines the sacred and the profane--their similarities and their differences--and how they merge and become one another. Directed by Rick Stein. 
Aug/Sept: BLANK SLATE by CTAG. This new work starts at the opposite end of the spectrum from most productions--just a production team and actors. Using an assortment of techniques and exercises developed by CTAG's creative team, the ensemble will discover character, conflicts and catharsis, creating and delivering ana original story and production over 12 weeks of rehearsal. Doorected by R. J. Romero. 
Oct/Nov.: TBA. Directed by Christopher Basile. 
Nov/Dec.: LEARN TO BE LATINA by Enrique Urueta. SO CAL PREMIERE. Hanan is a promising young pop singer, and she has a record label dying to record her...until they find out she's Lebanese. Not to worry, they say: Hanan can still be a star—as long as she learns to be Latina! In this fiercely funny production from San Francisco badass playwright Urueta, cultural identities and the music business are poked with some very, very sharp sticks. 

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